Why And How Should You Create A Blog Post Checklist In WordPress?

We all are human, and thus prone to making mistakes. So, when we write blog posts, it is obvious that we can tend to make mistakes there too. Even after checks and corrections, there is a tendency to have errors in our blog posts. This is why the most successful bloggers use blogging checklists to make sure that their blog posts are perfect. You can learn how to create a blogging checklist in WordPress here to avoid mistakes and speed up your editorial process. But before that, let us learn why you must have a blogging checklist in the first place.

Why should you have a blogging checklist?

If you are an individual blogger working alone, you will be the only one responsible for identifying any mistakes in your blog and rectifying them before it goes online. But, when you are working as a team on a multi-author site, you will not be the only one responsible. With multiple bloggers working together, there will be a possibility that errors go unchecked. A variety of things need to be checked for errors like spellings, grammar, images, SEO features, etc. And, as your site grows, there will be more to do. This is why a blogging checklist can come in handy. Having such a checklist can help you go through all the items you need to check before publishing a post. This can help identify all possible mistakes more efficiently, thus improving speed and performance of work. Now that you may have understood why you need a blogging checklist, let’s see how you can create one in WordPress for a better editorial workflow.

How to create a blogging checklist?

First and foremost, you need to install and activate the Good Writer Checkify plugin, suggested by professional WordPress developers in India. After activating it, you need to visit Setting and go to the Good Writer Checkify page to create your checklist. Start by checking the box next to the ‘Show Checkboxes in Post/Page editing’ option. You can add your checklist items here one by one, with a maximum 25 number of items on your checklist. Once you are done adding all your items, you must click on the Save Changes button to store your changes. Voila! Your blogging checklist is ready!

Now, whenever you create a new post in WordPress, on the post edit screen, you will see your checklist below the post editor. You can now check/uncheck items in the list as per your preference. Review this checklist and check for all possible errors and rectify them before publishing a post. Therefore, we can say that the Good Writer Checkify plugin provides an on-screen reminder for all the items that you need to check before publishing a post.

What should you add in your blogging checklist?

Now you know why and h0ow you should create a blogging checklist. But, do you know what all you must add into your checklist? Obviously, it depends entirely upon your individual editorial workflow and processes. But, there are some general things you must have in y our pre-publishing checklist. These include having a catchy title, meta description, focus keyword, keyword variations, interlinking, external linking, image credits and sources, alt tags for images, thumbnails, headings and sub-headings, and proper call-to-actions.