Which are the best WordPress Plugins for Photographers?

What is a photographer’s website without great picture? Often photographers find it tricky to present their clicks on the website in an impactful manner.  WordPress is one of the best platforms for photographers through which they can display their art in an effective manner. And with WordPress plugins it is all the more easier to for photographers to showcase their work.


Here is a list of some of the best WordPress plugins which can be used by the photographers:

EWWW Image Optimizer

With this plugin you can automatically optimize the images as you upload them on your blog. With EWWW Image Optimizer your page will load faster, there will be less usage of bandwidth and better JPG and PNG optimization. All these features will help you engage your visitors in a better manner and also get better SEO rankings.

SEO Friendly Images

This WordPress plugin automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO purposes. Even if your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, this plugin will add them according to the options set by you. You must keep in mind that ALT attribute is quite important from the point of SEO. The ALT attribute describes your images to search engines and whenever visitors search for images ALT plays an important factor in the whole process.

This will surely bring you better traffic from search engines. Also as this plugin works in the background, you just have to set it for one time and then not bother much about it.

WP/ LR Sync

This is a Lightroom Publish service for WordPress. It helps you synchronize your photos and metadata between Lightroom and WordPress. The charm of the plugin is that it has the positive features of both Lightroom and WordPress rolled into one. With this plugin you can change the post-processing of your photos, modify the metadata associated with the photos, and update your watermark.

W3 Total Cache

Though not specifically for photography websites, this plugin is quite powerful and effective. It helps to increase the speed of your website which will help the images to load easily on your website. It also helps caching of objects in memory or on disk.

MotoPress Content Editor

With this WordPress plugin you can easily build and edit your website pages and blog posts. You do not need to have any programming knowledge to use this plugin. Rather with few clicks you can easily add images and make changes on your web page. This way you can easily develop a highly engaging website.

Booking Calendar

This plugin is especially helpful if have tight schedules. With Booking Calendar you can very easily add a calendar to your website which shows your visitors the days you are busy or free. Powered with intuitive interface and flexible options, this plugin helps you save time by writing messages like “Sorry, I am booked that day”.

These are some of the best WordPress plugins which photographers can use. in fact having them on your WordPress site will not only make your website look better but will also help you work in a more effective manner.