What New Features Does WordPress 4.9 Come With?

Launched a few days back (in November 2017), WordPress 4.9, more popularly known as “Tipton”, is another major version update from WordPress, one of the most popular and powerful open source website creation tool used as a blogging and website CMS by any professional web development company in Bangalore today. The name “Tipton” comes in honour of the Jazz musician William Bill Tipton. This new update is the second major WordPress release of the year 2017, after the 4.8 version “Evans”. So, what makes Tipton stand out from the rest of the WordPress versions? Let’s take a look.


Gallery widget

One of the remarkable features of WordPress 4.9 is the new Gallery widget that adds new functionality to the previous update that incorporated widgets including text, image, audio, and video. This new widget can be added to the sidebar, footer, or anywhere that you want to put your widgets. All you have to do is drag it where you want to put it, and use the “Add Images” button to select images from the media library.

Add media to text widget

Another widget is where you can add media to the text widget. In WordPress 4.8, the text widget included plain text and HTML tabs; and if you wanted to add an image, you would have to use the HTML code. But, in WordPress 4.9, you can create a gallery within the text widget.


Previewing and changing themes

With Tipton, you can preview and change themes directly from the WordPress customizer. There are two options under “Themes” – installed themes, and WordPress.org themes. The “Installed Themes” will give a preview of your installed themes, while “WordPress.org” will help you browse for WordPress themes and directly install them from the customizer.

Scheduling and sharing design customizations

Before Tipton, WordPress gave users only one way to check on website changes, and that was to publish them to the live version of your site. This wasn’t a good way to make major changes that weren’t ready to be shared just yet. So, Tipton comes with the feature where you can apply changes and store them, then schedule them to go live on a date and time that you decide. And, you can also share a preview of your changes with anyone. All you have to do is copy the preview link and share it with any registered user.

Work protection

Website designers can lock and protect their work by using the design lock feature in Tipton that secures the draft so that no one can change or eliminate their work without consultation; not even the co-designers. Moreover, if the designer forgets to save the design changes, Tipton also includes an added security feature that will ask whether they would want to save the unsaved changes.


Code syntax error highlighter

CodeMirror is a syntax checking editor added to WordPress 4.9 that is focused on editing code. Its features include live error checking, syntax highlighting, and autocomplete. CodeMirror can be used to edit the custom HTML widget, the theme/plugin code from the dashboard editor, and the custom CSS in the WordPress Customizer. With this new code syntax error highlighter, one can now pinpoint errors quickly.

Safety warnings

WordPress 4.9 warns users that try to edit their themes/plugins directly, and also those who try to edit their themes/plugins for errors before saving.

With these new features, WordPress 4.9 continues to provide a user-centered experience. So, if you are ready to use WordPress 4.9 Tipton, have a professional web development company in Bangalore to use it for your website just perfectly.