What Has Made WordPress So Popular?

WordPress runs around 66 million websites today. It has around 46000 plugins to enhance the functions of WordPress. It has been translated into around 51 dialects. So, what do all these big numbers tell you? It is clear from these figures that WordPress is one of the biggest and most popular content management systems today. Within only a few years of establishment, it has managed to gather millions of fans with each passing day. Moreover, making it an open source software has aided in millions of downloads. To get yourself added to this large community, get in touch with professional WordPress developers in Bangalore who can help you create the most impressive and cost-effective WordPress website for your business.

What Has Made WordPress So Popular?

WordPress was established in the year 2003 where it began only as a blogging tool. But as time passed by, it went on to become one of the most famous content management systems. Here are the reasons why it stood out from the rest and became so popular.

Ease of operation

WordPress is so easy that you can get your hands on it even if you are not a technical professional. Adding updates, making changes or adding new features can be easily accomplished by using a few plugins or templates. You can make changes without having to go too deep into the coding language, and you have to be no scholar to do the same. This is why a large population of users shifted to this simply attractive platform.

Ease of installation

Apart from the ease of operation also comes the ease of installation with WordPress. You can install WordPress in a matter of only a few minutes, which is not the case with other content management systems. Thus, you can judge for yourself why WordPress became the preferred one of the lot.

Large number of plugins

WordPress offers innumerous plugins that one can surf through till the desired results are achieved. Apart from the plugins available, WordPress developers are coming up with more and more plugins constantly to enhance the usability and scalability of WordPress.


With the diverse range of themes and option available, you can use WordPress as per your convenience and requirement. The highly customizable nature that it has, makes it stand out from the rest, and has greatly affected the way in which websites are designed and presented.

Money saving

With WordPress, you don’t need to create a whole new website from scratch as it has lots of themes available, thus cutting down a lot on the cost. With the large number of themes and templates available, users get a large amount of variety to choose from.

eCommerce websites

With WordPress, eCommerce websites are flourishing at levels greater than those of imagination, thus making it one of the most sought after content management systems for the eCommerce industry.


WordPress can smoothly adjust itself to different screen sizes, thus being highly scalable and responsive. This in turn helps in the optimization process, affecting the ranking of websites.

Huge user community

With the large user community that WordPress has today, the number of helping hands has also increased. So, whenever you are facing any kind of technical problems, you have lots of people helping you with the problem-solving process.