Three Best WordPress Backup Plugins For Automated Backup

The best way to keep your WordPress blogs secure is by taking a backup time to time. Taking an automatic backup will also make sure that you have the most recent version of the backup of your blog. Thus, you must use WordPress backup plugins that are available in the WordPress plugin directory which allow an automated and complete backup. A complete backup includes backup of plugins, themes and backup WP-content folder.


WordPress is a software that runs on PHP and MySQL where all files are stored on your Web hosting company. You must understand that anything related to computers and Web hosting can crash any day. Your server or website has all the possibilities to get hacked, or your entire WordPress directory can be deleted. This is why backing up your WordPress blog is important. You must also remember that you must store your backup files at a remote and reliable place and never on the same server where your blog is hosted.

There are certain methods that will help you do scheduled automatic backups of your entire WordPress site which include WordPress database, theme files, plugins, images and all other related files. If you have been keeping the backup of lots of old databases, you can exclude the WordPress DB backup directory and the themes that you are not using in the WP-content folder. Here is a list of the WordPress backup plugins that WordPress web development teams trust for complete automated backup.


Been installed more than 2,00,000 times till date, BackUpWordPress is a popular plugin that is easy to setup and is user-friendly. It requires no setup and can work on low memory too, which is the best advantage if you are operating on a shared host environment. You can schedule it with different schedules for your files and database. You can use zip and MySQLdump for faster backups. BackUpWordPress also supports multiple languages. With all these great features, this plugin also has two drawbacks. The first is that it requires PHP version 5.3.2 or later, so you will have to ensure that your version is compliant with this plugin before you install it. The second disadvantage is that if you want to store your backups at any place other than your email or hard drive like Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, then you will need to purchase a premium extension.


UpdraftPlus is the most popular solution with more than half a million installations done till date because it offers not only backup but also, cloning and migration, which lets you easily migrate your WordPress website from one host to another. With UpdraftPlus, you can create scheduled backups and store them to your chosen location. You only need to configure once, and after that the backup will be taken care of. This plugin supports backups to Dropbox, Rackspace, FTP, Amazon Web Services and email, and also works with Google Drive, OpenStack and other solutions. It also offers database encryption for an added level of security. You can split large sites into several archives to fasten up the backup processes. UpdraftPlus comes in Lite and Premium versions for you to choose from. The Premium option features automatic backups, site migrator, additional backup locations, reporting and no advertisements. It provides 1GB of space and a year of support and updates, which is great if you have multiple WordPress blogs. The only disadvantage of this plugin is that it has a cluttered user interface, which makes it difficult for beginners to locate the options they need.


VaultPress is a backup solution that has been founded by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress and his team at Automattic, which is the parent company behind WordPress. It is a subscription-based service with different plans and prices, and offers automated real-time cloud backup. VaultPress can be set up and restored easily and quickly with only a few clicks. It can be set up to perform automatic backups of your site every day, which can be restored and downloaded whenever required. Some of its plans also offer security scans, so if you are ready to pay a price that is higher, you can benefit from this feature too. You can rest assured that with a team of WordPress experts behind VaultPress, your backup and security is in safe hands. These experts also provide great support. The only disadvantage with VaultPress is that it proves to be very costly if you have multiple WordPress sites. But, if you are ready to pay for it, it is one of the best solutions!