Things To Consider To Set Up A WordPress eCommerce Store

Today more than 70 million sites are powered by WordPress, and the numbers are only increasing. What makes WordPress so popular is the number of plugins it offers. There are more than 29,000 WordPress plugins today with more being added every day. WordPress is gaining popularity in the eCommerce segment too. There are lots of details, specifications and requirements to be taken care of while setting up a WordPress eCommerce store. You need to take care of the products, images, target audience, prices, navigation, shopping cart, payment gateway and many other functionalities – overall a completely exclusive user experience! So, before you jump into having your own eCommerce store, you need to consider a lot many factors, the most important ones stated as under –


Visual appeal

As mentioned above, an eCommerce store is all about providing a great user experience. One of the major aspects of user experience is the look of your store. You need to be very clear with how you want your store to look. The look may vary as per the plugins you use. You may also opt for a custom WordPress theme in terms of font, text, margin, padding and more. Whatever you opt for, make sure your site is visually appealing.


With the rise of mobiles and tablets being used for online shopping, responsiveness is one of the most important factors today. If you want customers to be able to shop from your store on every different type of device, your must make sure that your site is responsive so that the same HTML is rendered differently on different devices effectively.


WordPress has its own sets of free and paid plugins, each with different criteria. Some of them also come with an annual license that needs to be renewed every year, while there are others that come with a one-time fee. So, you need to very well know about the plugins you want to use and choose those that fit your budget.


You need to decide how you would want the pricing to work? Will it be a volume purchase or attribute? Do different distributors and sellers require a different pricing? You will need to find the plugins that support your requirements.


What kinds of shipping will you be providing? Will it be domestic or international? Will you be partnering with shipping vendors like FedEx and USPS? What will be your shipping charges? All this information should be decided beforehand to help you finalize a shopping cart plugin.


One of the main concerns of online shopping is keeping the information of your customers safe and secure. You need to have a PA-DSS and PCI compilation solution if you have to collect sensitive information like personal info, credit card numbers, etc.

Payment terms

What payment modes will work for your store? If it is universal payment modes like PayPal and credit card, WordPress plugins will be able to perform well. But, if you are looking for global modes and wire transfers, there will be only limited options available.


Consider all of these points and make sure you choose the plugins that match atleast 80% of your requirements. Remember that setting up a WordPress eCommerce store requires lots of consideration, hard work and strategic execution.