Some Of The Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

Is the flow of traffic to your WordPress website being ruined by spammers? We know how infuriating it is! But, not anymore! WordPress Web developers and WordPress anti-spam plugins have the solution to these annoying spamming bots. So either you get in touch with a team that provides the best WordPress Web development in Bangalore, or you get your hands on those anti-spam plugins. Here is a list of the best plugins that can help you fight spam on your site.



Akismet is one of the best anti-spam plugins that is used by over a million WordPress website owners to keep spam at bay. Unlike others, it is already inbuilt in WordPress, so there is no need for installation. All you need to do is activate this plugin by using an API key, which is free for personal blogs but, chargeable for business and commercial websites. Akismet hunts down the spamming comments through a filter search and discards even the worst spam; thus freeing up your disk space and speeding up your site.

WordPress Zero Spam

This is a free plugin that does not require any set-up or configuration. To keep your website spam-free, you just need to install and activate it. It blocks 99% of spam registrations and comments, along with IPs that seem to be spammy. It does not require any captchas, and it supports various other plugins like BuddyPress, Gravity Forms and Ninja forms.

Spam Shield

This anti-spam plugin has a double layer spam protection that can block multiple types of spam including comment spam, registration spam, contact form spam and trackback spam. The first layer is a mix of JavaScript and cookies that defend the site against spam bots. However, if these bots somehow tend to pass this layer, it becomes impossible for them to pass the second layer, which is an algorithmic anti-spam layer.

Captcha by BestWebSoft

This anti-spam plugin has a unique property of imposing captcha based on mathematics logic on the users. By signifying mathematical equations, it makes sure that the users are humans and not spamming bots. This plugin can be accessed for registration, comments, contact forms, login and password recovery.

Stop Spammers Spam Prevention

This anti-spam plugin is considered to be an aggressive spam detector because it can help detect all kinds of spam related to registration, contact form, comments and trackback. In all, it can run 20 different checks for spam and illegal activities taking place on your website. The best part of using this plugin is that users are offered a second chance to post their comments, which is met by a captcha.

Spam protection by CleanTalk

Popular among millions of website owners, this plugin detects all sorts of spam related to comments, contact forms, registrations, subscriptions and widgets. This plugin can also scan your site for detection of earlier spam. Moreover, it supports many WordPress cache plugins like W3 super cache, Hyper cache and Quick cache.

Stop Spam Comments

Without requiring any setup, this plugin needs to be simply activated in order to use it. It is a light-weight anti-spam bot that does not have any script files or database queries, which in turn improves the performance of your site. To have this plugin to function, there is no need of any captchas, tricky questions or user interactions.