Guidelines To Design The Perfect Contact Page

While creating a website for your business, you very well know what all you need to include in it. You need to have a home page, product/services page, about us page, contact page, help/support page and FAQ page. Depending upon your business, you can have a separate sign up page, chat page, blog page, etc. Often it is seen that the other pages of a website are beautifully constructed and designed while, the contact page is neglected or is made without any planning or consideration. What people fail to understand is that the contact page of a website is one of those important pages that can have visitors build a strong contact with you. So, instead of neglecting this page, you need to have a properly-designed and well-functioning contact page. You can contact the best WordPress web developers in Bangalore to build the most effective web pages for your site, who will take care of every page and build it in such a way that it has a positive result for your business.


A visitor landing on your contact page might have come there to get in touch with you because he/she might have been interested in you after visiting your site. With a poorly designed or not so up-to-the-mark contact page, you don’t want to lose out on them. Here are the most important things you must consider in order to have a strong contact page on your website that can boost your business. 


The first and foremost consideration – Where will you place the tab of your contact page? You need the visitors to immediately find how they could get in touch with you. The most ideal location for a contact page tab is the topmost place at the right. It should be the last element of the site navigation because the visitors might look at your entire site before deciding to get in touch with you. The Footer is another good location to place your contact page link. 

Short and simple

If your contact page requires a form to be filled, make sure to avoid having a lengthy one. The more information you ask from the visitors, the lesser interested they get. First of all, they wouldn’t want to provide all the information about them. Secondly, they find filling lengthy forms a waste of time. So, ask for information that you absolutely need. Keep the contact page as short and simple as possible. 

Essentials of having a form

The form that needs to be filled out should have a proper format. Wherever you need a date or telephone number or anything as such, provide the format you want the users to fill it in. Highlight the required fields with an asterisk and mention those fields that are optional. Also, highlight the active field, which makes it easier for the users to know where they are. 

Error handling

The visitors might make mistakes while filling a form. Create a form such that the users are immediately prompted when they make a mistake and also show them what mistake they have made so it becomes easier for them. Users don’t want to keep filling up the entire form for one mistake they make. So, highlight those fields that have errors while keeping the other details intact, so that the users only have to correct those specific fields. 

Automatic responses

You can have automatic responses generated after a visitor submits a form. You can function it in such a way that once the visitors submit the form, they receive an automatic email on their email address thanking them for their interest in visiting your site. You may also send text messages to their mobile numbers. 

Include your details

Provide the complete address of your physical store. Mention the working days and opening and closing times. Add a map to your page so that it becomes easier for visitors to locate  you. The easier you make it for visitors to get to you, the more interested they will be. Also, mention your telephone number to increase your credibility and make the visitors feel safe while giving away their personal information.