Guidelines To A Secured WordPress Website

With thousands of WordPress websites being hacked every day, it makes it even more important to take a look at your website’s security. You need to be certain that your WordPress website is secure to minimize the chances of your site being hacked. Although it doesn’t rest entirely in your hands, but taking some easy measures to reduce the chances of being hacked, you can ensure that you have done your best. Professional and experienced WordPress designers in Bangalore can help you not only design your website beautifully, but take care of these security issues too. Today, we’ll take a look at seven simple yet powerful ways to help you secure your WordPress website.

wordpress security

Convert your username into an email

The default username for a WordPress site is ‘admin’ which is required to be changed immediately into something different. However, it is suggested that you use an email id instead of a simple username. This will make it comparatively much difficult to predict the username. However, make sure you use a personal email and not one that you have provided on your blog or website. The WP Email Login plugin can help you here.

Limit the number of login attempts

Having unlimited attempts to log in makes it easier for hackers to penetrate a website. The bots they use can quickly try all kinds of different passwords and likely get through. Thus, you need to make sure that you limit the number of times one can try to access your site. iThemes Security can help you limit the number of login attempts and block the IP address of those trying to enter your site.

Set up Two-Factor Authentication

Having only a password, even if a difficult one, can be broken into as well. So, the better option is having a two-factor authentication, which generates a random code that is to be typed along with your password for entering the site. The code is sent your phone, thus making it impossible for hackers to enter your site. The WP Google Authenticator can help you set up this type of security.

Use a reCAPTCHA form

Help your website to make sure that the person trying to log into your site is a human and not a bot. This can be done with the help of a reCAPTCHA form. Bots created by hackers are unable to pass this test as it requires a level of input and comprehension.

Purchase an SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates provide a secure way of transferring data between Web browsers and servers, which makes it very difficult for hackers to break in. This not only makes a website more secure, but also impresses Google for SEO, thus providing you a win-win situation.

Update your WordPress regularly

Updating your WordPress does not mean only adding new features and plugins. Regular updating also removes vulnerabilities and instills security. So, make sure your WordPress installation and plugins are constantly updated. You can always find the latest version of WordPress on the codex.

Maintain backups

It is always important to have backup of everything you do. Same goes with your WordPress website too. Apart from your hosting server, if you have your site backed up somewhere else, you can always recover all that you want, and whenever. Other than hacking, there are many other things that can bring your site down or eliminate content; and you definitely don’t want to lose your hard-worked website for any reason whatsoever. So, make sure to have a backup.