Google Building Android gaming console

According to a report from the wall street journal, the company Google is said to be working on an Android- based video game console.

The strategic implications of Google putting its muscle behind a game box, would be powerful, bringing the company into competition with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and a number of other supporters of Android games in the living room.

On the games console side, Google moving into making its own hardware is in part a reaction to its expectations that Apple will launch a videogame console as a part of its next Apple TV product release.


It’s not just the software that Google is making here either. According to the WSJ, Google has been developing its own low-cost Android smartphones for developing markets too-including markets where Google has plans to fund or help create high speed wireless networks aimed at bringing high speed internet connectivity to regions lacking next gen wired infrastructures.

Google’s development of a console device could arrive as the company is expected to release the latest version of its mobile operating system, version 5.0 key Lime Pie, sometime this fall.

Google’s Android operating system is the world’s most popular mobile software, featured on three out of every four smartphones sold. A video game console could provide a significant opportunity for Google to expand Android’s reach beyond its stronghold in smartphones and tablets.

Google is also moving more aggressively to use the software in additional kinds of devices, including laptops and appliances such as refrigerators.

According to Google, the majority of Android devices currently being used rely on a version of the software released in 2011 that has fewer capabilities than newer releases. Some industry experts say that the most recent versions of android are better for higher-end devices than lower-end or older ones that had, for instance 512, megabytes of memory.