Get ready for 2015’s WordPress Design Trends

WordPress is one of the most popular free and open source blogging tools. The fact that around 75 million websites on the internet use WordPress is a testimony of its popularity and how a major chunk of website developers and owners have adopted this technology. As we have ringed in the year 2015, we must stay updated about the WordPress design trends, which will get us better outcomes.

Being one of the leading WordPress website development company in Bangalore, we bring to you some of the hottest trends which you cannot afford to overlook this year.

  • Responsive web designing is here to stay

Yes… we are not joking. With more and more people accessing the internet through their smartphones and tablets, responsive web designing has emerged as the rule of the day. Thus it is recommended that companies adopt responsive web designing and also stick to it. With the emergence of new technologies such as smart TV, smart watches etc. it will be sensible if your websites are more streamlined and user friendly for various platforms. Only then can it give the end-user a better experience and thereby bring benefit your business.

  • Time to give more consideration to HTML5 and CSS3

Both HTML5 and CSS3 aid in enhancing the upload time of your WordPress website along with improving your website’s compatibility with different browsers – be it desktop devices or mobile devices. Also as these two web trends make it possible for your clients to easily access your website even with low speed internet connectivity, it is advisable that you invest more time and energy on them.

  • Pay more focus on Background images

A picture is surely worth a thousand words… or may be more! There are several things which are better communicated through images and graphics, rather than just words. One of the best ways to bring your WordPress sites to life is through the use of significant background pictures. And this is surely going to be the latest trend in 2015. Another factor which one needs to keep in mind is the use of clear and high definition (HD) background pictures. This will make your website more attractive to the viewer. WordPress on its part has already adopted full size high definition images as a part of its template design format. Thus web designers can make most of their creativity this year.

  • Typography matters

Is your website still using the Times New Roman font? With a leaning towards more creativity and expressiveness, the year 2015 will see a surge in the use of reasonably priced better quality web fonts. Among all other things, bigger fonts will be given more importance – as you do not want the mobile phone and tablet users to dig their eyes into their small screens.

  • Say hi to flat designs

Flat designs are regarded as one of the best web design trends which will continue to flourish in 2015. Rather it is time that you bid good-bye to web design elements like gradients, shadows, bubbles and patterns. Minimalism and simplicity are the rules to play by this year.

These are some of the major WordPress web design trends to be followed in 2015. If you have a WordPress website and want to know how to enhance its performance, then get in touch with us. Our WordPress experts will help you with a customized web solution taking all your business requirements into consideration. Use our services and see your business grow!