Do You Know About These Amazing Things That WordPress Can Do?

WordPress is in account of 28% of the internet alone, which itself says a lot about how wonderfully it has been offering functionalities to its users. While we all know about the basic functionalities that it can offer like publishing tools, easy installation, upgrades, easy themes, extended plugins, and built-in comments, there is a lot more that the content management system has to offer. There are a lot of lesser known amazing features that WordPress can offer with its numerous plugins with the latest technology that are being released every day. Listed below are some such WordPress plugins that any professional Web Design Company in Bangalore would know and use to offer their users with amazing features.

Website Preloader

Waiting for a website to load is one of the most frustrating things for a user. Many visitors bounce back from the website if the site takes too long to load. This is where the Website Preloader plugin comes to the rescue. As the name suggests, this plugin adds a preloader to the site that makes visitors think that they are already in on the website, which has them less annoyed and more looking forward toward visiting your site.

Sliced Invoices

Online payments are the most popular ways of making payments today. With Sliced Invoices, WordPress helps in making online payments much faster and better. With this plugin, you can create professional invoices and send them right from your WordPress dashboard. Customers can pay using PayPal, while you can track any outstanding invoices from one single location.

WP Support Desk

You can add live chat support to your website and offer remarkable support to your clients with the help of the WP Support Desk plugin. You can accept, manage, and respond to client queries from a single dashboard with this plugin; and can also reply to your customers through email. There is another plugin – the WP Live Chat Support – that also offers incredible live chat experience for your business.

OnePress Social Locker

We know how social media has engaged everyone to the extent that it has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. Things that are shared on social media platforms go viral in a matter of few minutes or hours. Taking advantage of this aspect, WordPress has come up with the OnePress Social Locker plugin that lets you lock valuable content of your site behind a set of social buttons. This means that people can view your content only if they like, share, or tweet your page. People generally don’t click such social buttons even when they like your content because they are least concerned with your benefits. So, when people can gain access to your valuable content, or get a discount, download, or watch a video on your site only after clicking such buttons, they are likely to do so, which will highly benefit you. Moreover, this plugin is really easy. With OnePress Social Locker, all you need to do is select the piece of content that you want to lock and click a button, that’s it!