Bing’s share gain has come at Yahoo’s expenses

Microsoft has been spending loads of cash to prop up Bing and expand its search engine market share.

Microsoft managed to expand Bing’s U.S. search market share marginally in December 2011, which is now 15.1% while Google still leads with around 66% according to research firm ComScore.

Although increasing market share is good news for Bing, its share gain has come at Yahoo expense. Yahoo’s market share dropped 0.6% to 14.5% in December. Google grabbed around 0.5% of Yahoo’s lost market share while Bing grabbed 0.1%.

 The dual punch of two search engines (both Bing and Yahoo), Bing Ads is poised to continue its search market share growth as Bing itself has now risen to take 17% of the market. With lower cost per clicks (CPC) and not as much advertiser competition like there is on Google, Bing Ads is an obvious addition to your search marketing/PPC efforts.

Bing Ads team is working very hard to improve the functionality and control that advertisers and marketers have lost with Adwords.