5 Free WordPress Plugins For Your Restaurant Website

Every business today is updating its website with the latest styles to stay in trend and provide an excellent user experience to its visitors. Restaurants are also on the list who have not restricted themselves to display only the menu items and contact details. They have in fact evolved to upgrade their sense of style to provide an awesome experience to their visitors. But, with every website bringing in so much of quality, how do you stand out from the crowd? It’s a reputed and experienced WordPress Web development company that can come to the rescue! With WordPress, you can have everything you need to create the perfect website for your restaurant. Not only does the platform offer a variety of restaurant-specific themes but, also a number of plugins to enhance the site’s functionality. Here mentioned are some of the most popular free plugins that can help you build your website conveniently.


Food and Drink Menu

Create menus for your restaurant with the easy-to-use Food and Drink Menu plugin that can be displayed in various locations in your site. You will have to use two custom post types including Menus and Menu Items. With this plugin, there is no limit to the number of menus and menu items you add to your list. You have the option of creating one or two column menus, which can be displayed in posts, pages, templates and widgets.


As the name suggests, originally designed to cater to pizza delivery businesses, WPPizza is found to be flexible to suit businesses offering any kind of food in different sized portions. This plugin will help in setting prices for every different item of a different size. This plugin supports more than 140 currencies, and lets customers opt for different payment options, including Cash-on-Delivery. In order to add ingredients to your site, this plugin also has extensions available for the same.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Make it easier for customers to locate you by embedding a Google Map into pages and posts using the Basic Google Maps Placemark plugin. If your business is located in more than one location, this plugin also lets you add multiple placemarks on the Map, each with its own custom icon. Pages with maps can display unique ones with their own settings to make it easier and convenient. You can also link each map to specific categories as is required.

Good Reviews for WordPress

As the name suggests, this plugin helps you to add customer reviews and testimonials to your pages, posts and widgets. You can integrate these reviews and testimonials into search engine listings by using Schema markup. You can also add reviewer photos and links to increase the credibility of the reviews.

Restaurant Reservations

Allow your customers to book tables with you from your site with just a few clicks by using the Restaurant Reservations plugin. You can offer the customers to be notified through email when a reservation is made by providing a receipt of request. Also, provide customers with an option of rejecting their bookings. 

Use these above mentioned plugins to enhance the functionality of your website. This will help you reach customers effectively and will attract them towards you.