5 Best WordPress Plug-ins for eCommerce Websites

WordPress started as a simple blogging platform and today, it is being used as the best solution for building eCommerce websites. Its powerful plug-ins make it possible for anyone to transform an ordinary site to a fully-fledged digital store. If you are planning to build up an eCommerce website, you might be wondering which plug-ins to use. With a number of different options available, here are five of the best WordPress plug-ins that you can use. You can choose any of the below mentioned plug-ins and hire the best services of an experienced and professional company to handle your task of building a website for you. You can even hire the services of companies who have proficiency in WordPress plug-in development.



Built by WooThemes, this WordPress plug-in can be downloaded for free and has a collection of premium themes that are available for purchase. It has its own themes that are ready to use and also provides third-party themes that can be integrated with it. You can use these free and paid themes and extensions to tailor your online store to meet your requirements. It features elements including customer accounts, inventory management, order management, sales reports, shipping charges, coupon codes and more. It also includes a dashboard widget that helps you check the progress of your online business. This is the most highly customizable eCommerce plug-in from WordPress. 

WP e-Commerce

This plug-in is also available as a free download, with a variety of upgrades and add-ons that can be purchased. It includes features like inventory control, shipping costs, product and category RSS feeds, coupon codes, multilingual support, admin dashboard, sales overview and more. Its most unique feature is its streamlined checkout process that can increase your store’s conversion rate. You can customize HTML and CSS with WP e-Commerce thus, letting you have full control over the look of your online store. This is the second most popular plug-in with more than 2.9 million downloads. 

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

This plug-in is specifically designed for selling digital products. It is a light-weight, feature-rich free plug-in with more than 200 themes and extensions available for purchase. It offers only the most useful features, unlike other plug-ins, which include sales reports, user purchase history, discount codes and more. You can view your earnings and sales through interactive graphs and data tables using the EDD plug-in. 


This free download plug-in integrates easily with your social profiles. It is available as a free plan including standard eCommerce features. If you want additional features like inventory management, discount codes and volume discounts, you will need to opt for its paid plan. This is the best plug-in for those who don’t want to start a brand new site but instead, want to take their old site and integrate the Ecwid system within a few minutes. This also helps you to mirror the system on other sites if you plan to sell elsewhere. You can manage all your sites from one place instead of switching between multiple dashboards with Ecwid.


This free available download plug-in has hundreds of purchasable themes and extensions, which can help you get a professional-looking site. It provides features like customer accounts, inventory tracking, import/export, shipping charges, discount codes, sales graphs, marketing enhancements, payment gateways and more. It also provides a spontaneous dashboard that helps you setup and manage your online store within minutes.