Monthly Archives: March 2015

Which are the best Plugins for YouTube Publishers?


One amazing way to improve your reach among your clients is through YouTube videos. And WordPress plugins for YouTube are one of the best ways in which you can engage with your viewers in a better manner.

Here is a list of some of the best plugins which you can use and there by improve the quality of your WordPress web design and YouTube videos as well.

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Best WordPress Contact Plugins – An Analysis

Usually most WordPress templates come with an in-built contact forms. You can also tweak the built-in forms using widgets, but nothing can beat a contact form created using a WordPress plugins.

The main purpose of a contact form is to make the online communication easy, simple and hassle free along with giving a professional experience to your WordPress website. The main advantages of using a WordPress contact plugin are: Ease to use and customization, better contact management as well as spam protection.

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How to turn your WordPress Category Page into a Landing Page?

Landing page or Lead Capture page is an umbrella term which includes sales and squeeze pages. It plays a critical role in boosting your sales and marketing strategy and is usually designed separately from the rest of the website.

In this blog post we discuss on how you can easily turn your WordPress Category Page in to a Landing Page. This way you can draw the visitors straight to the page they are looking for and also increase your website’s conversion rate.

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