Guidelines To Optimize Your Conversion Form

Conversion is one of the most important elements for every online business. You want lots of people to come to your site but more than that you want a majority of people to convert into customers. A higher conversion rate means more business; more business means more revenue; more revenue means access to a larger market. Web design plays a very important role in increasing and decreasing conversions. You need to keep it easy and quick for the users to find what they are looking for so that they are satisfied and are more likely to sign up with you. One of the most important elements of your website design is the conversion form, which will help your satisfied visitors to convert into customers. Here are a few guidelines that can help you optimize your conversion forms in the best possible way.


Make it visually appealing

Good visual design is significant for higher conversion rates. If your form design appeals to the users, they will be more likely to fill it up. Yes, it may not seem true but it actually is! Include a single column of uniform fields, set apart from the rest of the content on the page. You may use a contrasting coloured form to make it stand out. Whatever you do and use, make sure to keep it simple yet attractive.

Keep it short and simple

Keep it short and simple. People having to fill fewer boxes happily fill up a form, while those forms that have a long list of blanks to fill are less likely to be filled up. Ask for minimal information that is absolutely necessary to know to provide the services promised with signing up. Try to get rid of optional fields because people generally are not interested in filling up those.

Remove all possible limitations

Many forms are seen to be having limitations and a set of rules that makes form-filling an irritable task. Avoid pressurizing your visitors with restrictions like following a particular format while filling their birth date, using a combination of words and numbers in the password, etc. Although these details seem to be insignificant, they add to the annoyance.

Help users rectify their mistakes

It is very normal that users make mistakes while filling up a form. Help them by highlighting their mistakes and letting them know what is wrong. This will help them rectify their mistakes easily without wandering about to find what their mistakes are. However, don’t have them filling up the entire form if they make only a few mistakes here and there. Keep the rest of the details intact, while asking them to refill only the boxes that they had filled incorrectly.

Provide additional encouragement

You need to convince your visitors that signing up with you is a good idea. You need to tell them the benefits they will receive if they sign up with you. People tend to do something faster if they know that they are going to benefit from it. Try to offer discounts and free giveaways if possible.

With these tips, you will definitely be able to increase your conversion rates but, you need to know which of these tips are right for your company because not every tip is appropriate for every kind of business. The best option is to have your website built on WordPress and hire a proficient company that has the best WordPress web developers in Bangalore to tale care of the designing and development of all your website pages.


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You must hire the best WordPress web development company to build up a website for your business. You must hire the company who has professionals who have been serving clients with their skills of implementation, setup, theme design and integration, plugin development and customization, and more.


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